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Kind of ironic, really, that the "critics" on this site surround themselves with fans that stifle any criticism.

After Doug Walker was kicked off You Tube, a bald, fat man by the name Mike Michaud immediately jumped on the chance to give Doug his own website so he could suck in 10,000 fucking dollars a month from his loyal monkey.

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Current damage control includes blocking everyone on Twitter and posting an apology that's more half-assed than their content today!

That Guywiththe / Channel Awesome (AKA Mike Michaud's Home for Battered Ex-Screw Attack Members and Rejected You Tube Partners) is a website consisting of several terribly unfunny video contributors drowning in a sea of equally terrible member content.

He also actually believed his shitty managed project of Barfiesta would destroy Facebook, that doing any IRL connecting and self promotion would just be a waste of time, valued any braindead untalented fuck just like him on their crack team of intrepid rifftrax spewers, and even performs loophole seeking contractual exploitation and conning people out of what he says he will reward people with, including stealing shows from under a creator's nose, supporting scam level e-begging campaigns if he ever goes into the red, and firing you if he decides to not play Halo that day and if you are busy that day.

As we can see, they are truly on the wings of victory over the winds of success (lol more like catching fire and getting torn up in a tornado of fail) Being the pimp that he is, Nostalgia Critic held a competition allowing whichever female user could suck his dick dry to partake in reviewing shitty stuff with him under the moniker the Nostalgia Chick. Lindsay Ellis is a smug leftarded, Mactarded, vegetarian, nigger-loving, passively self denying Eurocentric feminist hypocrite film student with a shit degree from San Diego that reviews movies and TV shows catering to young girls.

Unfortunately, Mike Michaud is instead a bald dumbfuck whose appearance displays exactly what implies.